Frequently Asked Questions - Property tax reductions in Lake County, IL

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"Lake County Appeal did a terrific job for me on researching, analyzing and preparing a property tax appeal. I would recommend your services to anyone interested in property tax relief. You were timely, informative, prompt and accurate in your assessment of my situation and prepared a successful appeal!"

Bob Riddle

Lake County Resident

Mr. Riddle saved $3,043 on his 2009 tax bill,
$1,813 on his 2010 tax bill,
  $1,538 on his 2011 tax bill,

& $1,579 on his 2012 tax bill...
a total savings of $7,973!

  Lake County Appeal lowered market values for our clients by over 

Did you know...

Once you receive your BLUE ASSESSMENT NOTICE from the County, you only have 30 days to appeal to the Board of Review.  Why worry about missing the deadline or waiting too long to contact us just to find out we are already booked for the year?

Purchase an Assessment Review now and secure your place for a review of your assessed value.  If you can benefit from an appeal, Lake County Appeal will consult with you on how to proceed with your appeal at NO ADDITIONAL UPFRONT CHARGE TO YOU!  You only pay for an appeal if you win...that is our promise at Lake County Appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How can you help me lower my Lake County property taxes?
    • Technically, at Lake County Appeal, we are helping you lower the assessed value of your property which determines your property tax bill.  When you lower your assessed value, your property tax bill will be lowered too.  There are many ways to go about a property tax assessment reduction and Lake County Appeal takes the time to review each case individually to determine the best method for a successful reduction.  That is why Lake County Appeal, LLC wins more tax appeals in Lake County than anyone else!

  • How successful are you at reducing property taxes?
    • Lake County Appeal is the largest and most successful property tax appeal firm in Lake County and we win more tax appeals in Lake County, Illinois than anyone!  Lake County Appeal has lowered market values for our clients by over 1/2 BILLION DOLLARS to date! 
  • Why should I use Lake County Appeal? Can't I just do an appeal myself?
    • Lake County Appeal wins more tax appeals in Lake County, Illinois than anyone!  All of us at Lake County Appeal are experienced and familiar with how the assessment and property tax appeal process works. A quick search on the internet will verify that trying to appeal your value in Lake County is very difficult and some people will tell you that it is almost impossible to succeed on your own.  Why waste your valuable time when you do not even know if it will be worth it?  For only $65, you receive a full, professional review of your property tax assessment from the experts at Lake County Appeal.  If we can help lower your assessed value, we will consult with you on how to proceed with your appeal at NO ADDITIONAL UPFRONT CHARGE TO YOU!
  • Who should use Lake County Appeal?
    • Everyone needs to have an advocate on their side to ensure he or she is being properly assessed and taxed by the Lake County Assessor's Office.  There are certain cases when it is imperative that you check your assessed value.  If any one of the following situations have applied to you within the past three years, be sure to have a complete property tax assessment review done right away!  These situations include:
      • A new Home Purchase
      • An existing Home Purchase
      • A new Home Construction Project
      • A Remodel and/or Addition
      • A new Pool
      • A new Gazebo, Outbuilding, Shed or Garage
      • A refinanced mortgage.
Everyone in 2014 should sign up with Lake County Appeal to review their property tax assessment due to the excessive property tax increases we have seen in Lake County!
  • How much do you charge?
    • To review your property tax assessment, Lake County Appeal charges a one time fee of only $65.  We will review your assessment on multiple levels to make sure you are being assessed fairly and equitably.  Lake County Appeal will also search for any errors or omissions that could be costing you money every year. (For some errors you can get a refund from the previous year!)  Lake County Appeal will then notify you of our findings and if an appeal is warranted we will consult with you on how to proceed with your appeal at NO ADDITIONAL UPFRONT CHARGE TO YOU!  You only pay a small percentage of the money you save with no risk to you.  The fee for an appeal is only 37.5% of your savings with absolutely no hidden fees or surcharges.  Be careful of anyone advertising lower rates...they are usually charging you for three years while Lake County Appeal only charges for one!  If you save $4,000 a year in property tax savings then the one-time fee is only 37.5%, or just $1,500. The remaining $2,500 in property tax savings is all yours!  If your appeal is unsuccessful, you owe nothing really is that simple.  That is why Lake County Appeal wins more tax appeals in Lake County than anyone else!

  • How do I sign up for an assessment review and is it hard to do?
    • It is very simple to sign up with Lake County Appeal!  For a complete assessment review, click here.  We know you're busy, that's why we simplified the sign up process even more for 2013.  Introducing our online it only takes a few minutes to complete your entire Assessment Review sign up.  With RapidReview™ you can quickly and easily provide LCA the necessary information online at the same time that you sign up for an Assessment Review...there is no need to send us back forms to complete your Assessment Review.  LCA pioneered the online appeal and now our RapidReview™ system makes it even easier and faster to sign up for an Assessment Review.  Click here to sign up now and try RapidReviewTM.  
  • Once I sign up, how long until I know the results of my assessment review?
    • Your e-mail receipt is your acknowledgment that we are in receipt of your information. Soon after, our team of experts will begin the process of checking for factual errors and creating our own preliminary valuation. We then must wait for your Township Assessor to publish your new property tax assessment so we can complete our review.  This usually occurs around August or September.  Please be aware that much of the waiting process is due to the "red tape" at the County and Township Assessors offices. Until we have all the necessary information from the County and Township, we cannot finish our research.  As soon as the information is available, Lake County Appeal will proceed with your Lake County Assessment Review. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT ANY DEADLINES...Lake County Appeal will always keep you on track!

  • Who is Lake County Appeal?
    • All of us at Lake County Appeal have extensive backgrounds in our respective field. Lake County Appeal's staff and consultants include:
      • Past Township Assessors
      • Real Estate Attorneys
      • Licensed Illinois Appraisers
      • Licensed Illinois Real Estate Brokers
      • Licensed Illinois Real Estate Agents
      • Local Builders & Developers
      • Real Estate Experts
We all work together to find the best angle to approach your individual property tax appeal. No two property tax appeals are the same and there is no simple way to successfully win a property tax appeal on a property.
  • What is the best way to contact Lake County Appeal?
    • E-mail is the best method to reach us. You can click here to e-mail us. The Lake County Appeal team works long hours to process the tremendous number of contacts we receive in a day and we have found that e-mail correspondence allows us to reply at any time and as soon as we possibly can.  Our customer service and results are why Lake County Appeal processes more tax appeals in Lake County than anyone!
Lake County Appeal team members can also be reached by phone Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM at (847) 790-7400.  We have a team member waiting to assist you!