lake county appeal, llc wins more tax appeals in lake county than anyone!
  Lake County Appeal lowered market values for our clients by over 

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"Thank you so much for helping me out reducing my property tax!  You did an amazing would have taken a miracle for me to reduce it without your help."

Rick F., Bristol Trail Road, Lake Zurich

"Thank you and God bless you!  You earned every dollar of your fee because I know it would not have happened if (I) tried to do this on my own.  I'm more than willing to be on your list of favorable references for anyone who has doubts."

Lim L., Brandywyn Lane, Buffalo Grove

"I have four friends who would be very interested in my experience of having my tax bill reduced by almost 20%.  Nice job.  This is a breath of fresh air."

Jay L., Tucker Lane, Waukegan


Did you know...

Once you receive your BLUE ASSESSMENT NOTICE from the County, you only have 30 days to appeal to the Board of Review.  Why worry about missing the deadline or waiting too long to contact us just to find out we are already booked for the year?

Purchase an Assessment Review now and secure your place for a review of your assessed value.  If you can benefit from an appeal, Lake County Appeal will consult with you on how to proceed with your appeal at NO ADDITIONAL UPFRONT CHARGE TO YOU!  You only pay for an appeal if you win...that is our promise at Lake County Appeal.

You can put your trust in the experts at Lake County Appeal when appealing your property taxes in Lake County, Illinois.  Lake County Appeal files more Tax Appeals in Lake County than anyone!  We are your one stop shop to fight your Lake County Property Assessment and reduce your Lake County Property Tax Bill.

Lake County Appeal was formed to help Lake County property owners, like you, successfully appeal and significantly lower their assessed property values. No two appeals are alike and there is, therefore, no simple solution for successfully winning a property tax appeal.

For only $65 you receive a full, professional review of your property tax assessment.  If an appeal is warranted, we will help you to process your tax appeal from start to finish at no additional cost to you unless you win!

Lake County Appeal's fee for a successful property tax appeal is 37.5% of your property tax savings in the first year only.  Be careful of other property tax appeal firms advertising lower rates...they are usually charging you for three years while Lake County Appeal only charges for one!  For example, if we save you $4,000 in property taxes the first year, your only fee is 37.5% of that first year’s savings, or $1,500.  So, you personally save $2,500 in year one and your full savings goes in your pocket for each consecutive year!

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Lake County Appeal, LLC.
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